The Act of pulling out. Like when lucy pulls the football away when charlie brown goes to kick it
i don't need a condom cuz i charlie browned her
by seandick December 11, 2009
1. One of the most iconic comic book characters of all time; the main character in Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts, which has been adapted into numerous TV shows and movies.
2. A song by Coldplay from their 2011 album Mylo Xyloto. Some absolutely love it, and some absolutely hate it. Despite the title, it has no reference to the above definition; the only reference to the comic was cut out during production.
1. Charlie Brown is my favorite comic book character after Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.
2. Why does everyone hate "Charlie Brown" so much? I thought it was one of Coldplay's best songs.
by Hmail December 11, 2012
An accidental fecal discharge caused by overexcitement due to being sexually touched by a female who is way out of one's league, as when the "Peanuts" character Charlie Brown has the football taken away from him by Lucy Van Pelt just as he is about to kick it; a mere fart or mild shart does not count as a "charlie brown" due to the fact that one might easily recover sexual activity with aforementioned hot chick, whereas a full dump is almost certainly a fashion-model fuck deal-breaker
Dude ... don't tell anyone about this ... but I had a date with you-know-who last night. Yeah, I know. Fantastic, huh? Fuck you, dude! That pot roast your mother made us totally made me charlie brown it! Stop laughing, asshole! It's not funny!

premature post-sex BM stinky date-breaker bowel cock-blocker intestinal disfortitude brown-bagging it steaming goodnighter
Charlie Brown = Bad Cocaine. This could be either because it gives a bad experience, is contaminated, or just not very good. Derived from the slang from cocaine - charlie, and the peanuts character Charlie Brown.Often abbreviated to CB.
"don't get the coke from him though, he charlie browned us last time" (dont use him as a dealer, he gave us awful cocaine last time)

"it was like totally charlie brown" (it was really bad cocaine)

"I'm blatantly gonna pass him CB, he's totally oblivious" (I'm gonna sell him bad cocaine because he has no idea what to expect)
by Emily Fay January 30, 2007
If you have a poop that is nutty and smells slightly like peanuts
Guy1: Dude I shit my self
Guy2: What type?
Guy1: The old fashion charlie brown
by pixlepanda232 November 12, 2014
(v.) - To gripe, complain, or otherwise natter on about something that no one really cares about, usually after bad news has been delivered. From the noise the adults made in the Charlie Brown movies
The customer Charlie Browned me for a while after I voided her warranty, then asked for a supervisor. I was more than happy to transfer her.
by Arturo88 February 21, 2011
Phrase used to describe an awkward situation. Also can be yelled to break any post incident awkward silence.
"Dude Connor you totally farted!"
"I thought it would be silent dude!"
"Oh shit, this is so charlie brown!"
by CBtheCoMokid April 01, 2010

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