Stupid bitch who has no friends and is always getting beaten up by harder kids. Fucking pussy.
Guy 1: Hey is that Charlie over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, lets fuck him up.
Charlie: *Crys*
by Anonymous483961296 July 20, 2013
Somebody who is known for knocking shit over and spilling drinks.
Dude 1) Damnit dude, you just knocked my drink over.

Dude 2) My bad, I just pulled a major charlie.
by EZ Spin October 05, 2011
A cock blocker of epic proportions whose only goal in life is to block any advance on a woman. He cock blocks as he believes he will get near it with the girl but in fact she wants to get away. Everyone knows he's a cock blocker and he cant admit it.
"That guy was getting near it until that guy did a Charlie"
by The Truth Guru October 02, 2011
derogatory term used to refer to white people as a collective oppressor group, similar to The Man or The System during Vietnam War used by Vietnamese.
Charlie go home meaning white christian American leave our country.
by GoodLuck1982 November 18, 2010
One who makes excessive weird noises while thinking or explaining something.
Dude, Charlie, can you speak without the weird noises for once?
by zelie/chrissy April 10, 2010
a perfect being... the word charlie is of teutonic origin meaning hero... a one in a billion guy so good looking jelous friends and ex girlfriends torture him to make him look ugly
geez charlie was good looking until 3 ugly cunts had a hissy fit cause he was better lookin then they could ever dream of bein

hey charlies better looking then me and better at sex and his dick is bigger :(

i cant believe charlie dumped me just cause i cheat on him what about my feelings i know il tell every one he bashes me hopefully that will stop girls from going out with him
by upset depressed sister girl July 15, 2012
A man that can not make a decision. He is always sweet at first, and then does a complete 180. Usually has erectile dysfunction and doesn't even seem to know it. Becomes fat as they age, and will inevitably go no farther than a couch in the garage. Beware a Charlie always looks used and abused before he reaches thirty. Worst part, he is still too dumb to realize it's his own fault.
Person 1: Why do I recognize you?

Person 2: I'm...uh... Charlie's ex.

Person 1: Umm, really?

Person 2: Yeah, I know, Charlie Aaron was the worst mistake I ever made.

Person 1: Should have never dated a Charlie.
by HottChick December 07, 2010

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