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someone that has a boner, but not quite.
He may look like he has a hard on but it's accually not hard at all.
ugh look at that guy he has a charlie.
by charlie toee April 13, 2008
15 66
He bit my finger.
"Ouch Charlie!"
by derT107 December 22, 2008
43 64
The best character on the show from ABC's Lost. He is a bloody rock god and coke sniffer who has many near death experiences. Played by the sexy, Dominic Monaghan.
Shannon: "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Charlie: "I knew this question was gonna come up. Yes, I was the bass guitarist in Drive Shaft."
by LostFAN October 12, 2008
14 36
A gay...where's his pants two sizes too small. Uses witless jokes and is made fun of for his trouble.
Charlie says..."36 is the size but 32 shows the junk.
by rone5090 June 18, 2010
7 30
a boy who ejaculated in his girlfriends hair without prior warning
"charlie cummed in his girlfriends hair and she had to brush it out with his sisters brush"
by acceber123 July 25, 2008
56 80
What the American military has referred to the enemy as since the Vietnam War. Comes from the abbreviation for Vietcong, VC. Using the NATO Phoenetic Alphabet, this translates to Victor Charlie. It's not a racial slur for Vietnamese. It's the enemy.
"HOLY SHIT! Charlie's flankin us!"
by B-ROD June 17, 2005
42 66
Generally used in Hamilton Ontario. Referring to a balding italian stereotype that has a small penis and childbearing hips.
Yo, that fucking Charlie is a real fucking dirtbag!!
by Joe Mi June 20, 2009
15 42
a weird creeper
Dude! He's so creepy!

yea i know! he's charlie
by charlieeeeeeeeeeee November 12, 2009
15 43