the beloved unicorn who goes to candy mountain and gets his kidney stolen

"What?! I'm right here!"

"We're on a bridge Charlie!"
by Roxy is spelled S-E-X-Y October 16, 2006
Short for Charles Dickens - the word means "i'd love to put my dick-in her"


get it? use it!
When your walking along the road with a fellow hombre, and see a fine looking girl.

You: "Whoa man, did you see that Charlie"
Hombre: "Yeah man I agree, I'd sure like to put a dick-in her too.
by rockinthefreeworld November 24, 2009
huge ass penis usually about 16 inches long
dang hes got a huge charlie
by jorginna August 21, 2008
Charlie is the new breed of homosexuality
i saw some flaming charlies downtown man they were holding eachothers asses
by bluewafflemaster68 October 02, 2010
A boy who has a fetish over Japan
OMG why are u wanking over japan?
only a charlie would do that!
by Cheese is a fucking nasty rim January 24, 2009
Charlie or Charlies means Stop wat the fuck you are doing and Look at the Fukingn Hot chick/chicks thats walking Past.
heyy man, did you just see that Charlie that walked past oooffttt.

by Charlinator April 09, 2009
What the American military has referred to the enemy as since the Vietnam War. Comes from the abbreviation for Vietcong, VC. Using the NATO Phoenetic Alphabet, this translates to Victor Charlie. It's not a racial slur for Vietnamese. It's the enemy.
"HOLY SHIT! Charlie's flankin us!"
by B-ROD June 17, 2005
The best character on the show from ABC's Lost. He is a bloody rock god and coke sniffer who has many near death experiences. Played by the sexy, Dominic Monaghan.
Shannon: "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Charlie: "I knew this question was gonna come up. Yes, I was the bass guitarist in Drive Shaft."
by LostFAN October 12, 2008

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