the beloved unicorn who goes to candy mountain and gets his kidney stolen

"What?! I'm right here!"

"We're on a bridge Charlie!"
by Roxy is spelled S-E-X-Y October 16, 2006
n. one who is unable to fully repeat any given procedure, esp. ones with more than three steps.
"I already showed him how to do that check-in procedure three times! He is such a charlie."
by Nicholas M. Butler May 12, 2005
1) A female given name
2) CHAR Length In Exceeds. For example, a forum has a limit of 400 chars in signiture, but you make your signiture exceeds 400 chars.
Damn! CHARLIE! I have to shorten my signiture.
by Jeremy Mac September 30, 2007
Any fellow with a moustache. After the moving picture actor Charlie Chaplin.
Look at the charlie.
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
To call up a phone or credit card company and act all angry about an unknown charge.once said company has heard your views about not knowing what the charge is, threaten to cancel your service with them and be very belligerent with the operator. Either the company will credit you for the charge or erase the charge completely.
I did a charlie on the phone today and got 10 bucks off my cell phone bill!!!

by Bill Nugent June 17, 2008
1.Poor like charlie is at the start of charlie and the chocolate factory... i.e white trash
Dude 1: Sup bitch are you coming to th movies this afternoon?
Dude 2: No sorry bro i can't
Dude 1: Why not? You's trippin if yo think yor ditchin'
Dude 2: I ain't got th cash alright
Dude 1: Man, ur so charlie...
by Hayley McLovin September 21, 2007
someone that has a boner, but not quite.
He may look like he has a hard on but it's accually not hard at all.
ugh look at that guy he has a charlie.
by charlie toee April 13, 2008
1) An expat or second generation Greek Cypriot living in England.

2) The dialect of Cypriot Greek spoken by the above. Tends to contain many English words "Hellenified" by Greek endings and spoken with a strong Cypriot accent.

The term originates in Cyprus and is mildly insulting. It refers to Prince Charles as the archetypal Englishman.
"I thought he was speaking Greek but I'm sure I heard the word 'shopping' in there."

"Yeah, he's speaking Charlie.".
by Schmunzelmonster July 16, 2008

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