Slang used for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. It originates from the radio phonetics used (VC --> Victor Charlie), and was shortened to Charlie.
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
by mikm July 27, 2005
1. A really hot guy.

2. A guy's penis.
1. Did you see that Charlie? Omg he was so hot!

2. Did you see that Charlie's Chalie?! It was fucking HUGE!!!!
by sarah_nawmz August 21, 2009
A person that will make your life hell, but you will love him always. He is funny and kind of fit,but he is also possibily depressing and although he is trustworthy and kind, don't let him in too close to your heart.
Aladdin. omg hi charlie!!
Charlie. omg hii
Aladdin. i love you
Charlie. aw, i love you too
Aladdin. *hug*
Charlie. *hug + steals wallet and soul*
by crystaltrees December 06, 2010
The little British boy on Youtube that keeps sticking his finger into his baby brother's mouth!
"Ow Charlie, that really hurt" *in a british accent*


"That hurt Charlie!"
by Jedababy March 02, 2009
The sweetest guy you could ever meet. You'd be lucky to have him as a friend, and the luckiest person in the world to date him. Once you have him don't let him go. He's incredibly sexy with an amazing personality. Has an amazing sense of humor. Knows how to make a girl feel like the world. You could never be bored while you're with Charlie. Amazing in bed!(;
Girl1: I wish I had my own Charlie:(
by ThisGirlHere. March 22, 2012
this is a white substance which is sniffed
cocaine, coke and crack
by charlie March 08, 2005
A cute guy, generally one who every person-- boy or girl, wants to be with
Wow, I wanna bang Charlie tonight!
by GabbyS95 December 30, 2012
A breast, boob or tit. Although found in the singular form it is most frequently used as a plural, Charlies.
"Look at the Charlies on that!"
"Well, we'd just finished bonking and I was lying on me back at peace with the world and she turned over quick and I got a charlie right in the chops!"
by Croatalin September 08, 2013

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