Slang used for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. It originates from the radio phonetics used (VC --> Victor Charlie), and was shortened to Charlie.
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
by mikm July 27, 2005
Someone that has a tiny penis, prone to massive over-compensation for this fact e.g. "mine's bigger" and "that's what she said" jokes; obsession with lads magazines i.e. Nuts.
Despite his "attitude" among guys he has a disorder when it comes to the ladies and a 0% success rate.
Example 1:
**charlie has spotted hot girl and approaches**
Charlie: "Would you suck my dick......... please?"

Example 2:
Tour guide:"and on your right is the biggest pillar in all of Rome"
Charlie:"mine's bigger! **smug face**"
by steelsoldier7 with 30k Gscore January 08, 2010
a duragatory term for a vietnamese person (especially a man) used by americans during the vietnam war.
"i once dated a girl whose father was a vietnam vet. do you know how scary that is? ...for me? he was all what's your name son. i was like charlie. i mean dat phan. fuck!" -stand-up comic Dat Phan

"it's kind of hard to find a vietnamese person named charlie." -robin williams, in the movie Good Morning Vietnam.
by 83 May 25, 2005
a FATASS bitch that doesnt care for his girlfriend and ccheated on her with a slut
Charlie sun is a faggnut
by handson wu March 17, 2007
The drug known as crack
I just got done smokin that charlie
by Derty J June 26, 2005
n. one who is unable to fully repeat any given procedure, esp. ones with more than three steps.
"I already showed him how to do that check-in procedure three times! He is such a charlie."
by Nicholas M. Butler May 12, 2005
1) A female given name
2) CHAR Length In Exceeds. For example, a forum has a limit of 400 chars in signiture, but you make your signiture exceeds 400 chars.
Damn! CHARLIE! I have to shorten my signiture.
by Jeremy Mac September 30, 2007

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