A leg cramp that usually occurs when you're sleeping, which causes so much pain you wake up and scream cusswords loudly.
Fuck, shit, bitch, goddamn charlie horse!!
by SiERRRRRA May 30, 2007
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A sudden, abrupt, or spontaneous contraction of a muscle causing extreme pain persisting for a duration ranging from seconds to minutes resulting in residual discomfort and soreness in that muscle.
In the middle of the night I stretched my leg and got a Charlie Horse in my calf.
by Jay Parker August 04, 2006
Leg Cramps or Muscle Cramps
When a cramp occurs, the muscle locks in the contracted position (Charlie Horse)
by alla July 04, 2003
or Charley Horse

A stiff and painful cramp in a muscle.
Ow ow ow, damn Charlie Horses.
by Light Joker September 03, 2004
Usually due to a lack of potassium, it's when your leg tightens up, causing an extremely painful sensation. Immediatley after it's over, your leg feels really good, though.
Charlie Horse! Charlie Horse! Someone get me a bananna!
by Anne Stone September 26, 2009
when someone hits you in the leg with a nuckle causing a very painful cramp
hey you know what a charlie horse is... let me show ya
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
Shotgun a beer with bong bowl piece in top. Light a bowl and it will fill the can with smoke as you drink. When you finish the beer take in the hit.
Oh bonkers, he just passed out after taking a charlie horse.
by RustyDogYo June 09, 2009

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