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The military word structure code indicating: C, B

1. Cock Block
2. Crazy Bitch
Dont talk to that chick, her brother is a charlie bravo.

Check out that chick with the half shaved purple hair, she's probably a real charlie bravo.
by nate June 25, 2004
In the phonetic alphabet, the equivalent of C and B, respectively are charlie and bravo. Definitively, C and B, are used to represent to word cock and block. When using this conjunction, it is used surreptitiously, when in the company of the female gender.
Timmy pulled a charlie bravo on Jimmy, suffice it to say, he is not pleased.
by Mattricio February 16, 2004
Used in aviation to refer to Cumulonimbus clouds. The letters CB being the meteorological symbol for Cumulonimbus, and in the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) phonetic alphabet CB becomes Charlie Bravo.
We encountered quite a few Charlie Bravos today.
by Charlie152 August 01, 2012
Military-code based antonym for Cock and Balls.
Joe mouthed off and got a whacked in his Charlie-Bravos
by XanderdraX July 05, 2011
The letter's "C" (Charlie) and "B" (Bravo) used as shorthand to describe a certain breed of woman known as a cunty bitch

A Charlie Bravo can often be recognized by the configuration of her lips where they are pursed in a manner that looks like she just sucked a lemon and by a unique quick "tsk" sound emitted from her lemon-sucking lips whenever she doesn't approve of something followed by the catch-all phrase of either "whatever" or "I'm so over it / you". Dismissive hand motions often follow these sounds.
I asked that chick in logistics out for coffee and she was totally a Charlie Bravo. She just said, "Whatever" and walked away.
by cunty bitch March 15, 2010
Charlie Bravo is code for Code Brown which is code for taking a dump.
Roger that, I think I might Charlie Bravo in my pants!
by Epic Bear January 08, 2011
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