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The legendary Pokemon of all legendary Pokemon, Charlezard is the strongest creature to grace this planet with its presence. Mewtwo urinates himself if he is within a two mile radius of the Charlezard. Rumor has it, not even a Masterball can capture the almighty Charlezard. Charlezard created Arceus and made Rayquaza its personal servant. Charlezard also has a gnarly beard and the fiercest roar in all of the lands.
Arceus: Rayquaza, Mewto, neither of you have a chance! Now suck my balls.
Mewtwo: Don't make us tell Charlezard on you!!
Arceus: I'll behave!
#pokemon #charles #charlezard #charizard #masterball #zard
by Jiggedy! September 08, 2012
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