The last section of Goog Run. Named after a fucking hurricane that came in 2004 that caused a lot of fucking rain and fucking flooding.
Charley! is not just a fucking hurricane.
by Bozo the Clown March 11, 2005
Slang term for Cocaine - a white crystalline alkaloid derived from coca plants. Sometimes known as "Rich Man's Speed" - strong eurphoric/stimulant effects.

Some debate on the spelling and ambiguous meaning.
Charley = heroin
Charlie = cocaine
i like a nose full of charley
by mike33e November 07, 2005
A dumbass bitch who can annoy people sometimes she thinks she's all that but she's not she's a hoe
Guy 1: hey who's that?
Guy 2: ew its a Charley let's leave
by Salcb May 19, 2016
dyke in denial, girl that gets a kick out of looking at straight girls in her classes, 2 faced and spoilt, gets inside peoples heads and messes them up.
girl 1: "barbaras changing loads, she doesnt txt bck and she keeps eyeing up girls then denying that shes gay."
girl 2: "ooh wat a Charley"
by ginkobarbowah July 18, 2008
An ugly woman with a seriously inflated sense of self importance and beauty, and is unnecessarily loud and bitchy. Named after a housemate from UK Big Brother 8
"Hey, she's pretty hot"
"No way man, she's a Charley"
by Crundy June 14, 2007
1.A cheap item bought to look expensive but looks cheap.
2. Something that breaks easily.
Man where did you get that charley watch from. This charley computer never works when i want it to.
by Wepnx May 21, 2006
The name given to the toilet when one has drank too much and must hurl. The act of visiting Charley would be voiced as “I think I need to go see charley.”
ohhh i dont feel so hot, i think i need to go talk to charley
by raven21 November 03, 2005
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