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The typical southern male ensemble consisting of the following: Clemson or Gamecock visor, fishing/sporting sunglasses hung around the neck with croakies, a pastel colored Polo shirt tucked into khaki above-the-knee shorts, and penny loafers with no socks. Optional footwear: Sperry Top Siders.
Damn, look at all the Charleston tuxedos in this bar!
by Moosepilot December 13, 2010
A Charleston Tuxedo consists of kacki pants, blue blazer, and bow tie. Typically worn by a member of the Kappa Alpha or Sigma Alpha Epsolon fraternity. Originated at the College of Charleston by the elite of Douchbagerry.
John : I just ordered some take out from King Steet.

Matty: Cool, but you'll have to pick it up, every time I go to King Street I want to kick the shit out of the first dude I see wearing a Charleston Tuxedo.
by MDL 92 May 17, 2013
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