To pull a woman's lower lip out and bust your load in it. Giving her mouth the appearance of having chewing tobacco in it.
Guy 1 - "So what did you end up doing with that girl last night?"

Guy 2 - "She let me give her a Charleston Chew...also, on an unrelated note, my wife has cancer"
by Yarker Comedy April 24, 2009
Top Definition
A sexual act in which one partner, while performing cunnilingus, adjusts such that the upper lip rests on the women's labia, while the lower lip rests on her anus. the taint is placed in between the lips and 'gummed on', like an old women eating a huge rubber cock.
'Dude, i got smacked with a flashlight while giving my girl droppsies in the car... when i came to, i realized i was giving her the ol' charleston chew.... bitches.

'My girl queefed and farted at the same time. yeah. it was sick. but man, what was worse is that i was giving her a charleston chew when it happened. i wish i was dead.'

by sloots boots August 04, 2006
a long chocolate bar, probably the longest one you can buy
"And I'm still loco enough
To choke you to death wit a Charleston chew"- Dr. Dre- forgot about dre
by fresh prince June 22, 2005
A long, fluffy marshmallow filled candy bar which Slim Shady would be crazy enough to choke you to death with.
"And I'm still loco enough to choke you to death with a Charleston chew"
- Eminem
(Forgot About Dre)
by nnddrrjj April 27, 2012
When a woman takes a poop, then makes her boyfriend eat it, while fingering his girlfriend.
How was your date last night?
Bad. My girlfriend made me have a charleston chew.
Oh. That sucks.
by Funnyman12 July 20, 2011
Basically, it is the same maneuver as a Dirty Sanchez, except this time the doo doo brown is put into the teeth, instead of rubbed on the upper lip.
Damn son! You should have heard her screaming for more of that Charleston Chew!
by Gasp0matikz September 04, 2006
Ejaculate in the pooper. Pull it out, push the entrails into an ice cube tray. Chill, crack, and serve.
I can't believe she ate a friggin' Charleston Chew!
by Bosss Hog October 03, 2005
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