an amazing man who always makes you laugh even when you are in a horrible mood. he always wants to be right there next to you and will do anything for you. his name refers back to ancient royalty but he could be considered royalty now because of how charming he is. Dont forget he is strong and will literally sweep you off your feet.
hey look at charles...he is one of the most charming men ever!
by sexychick55 May 10, 2012
Is literally a god.
I worship Charles.
Charles is my God.
by Notcharles August 11, 2013
The name of great men. There have been 10 French kings, 2 British kings, and 1 Swedish king named 'Charles.'

Comes from the German word meaning 'free man'. Generally, a man who is suave, sophisticated, charming, literate, and makes friends easily. Typically intelligent, and always ingratiating, Charles's are everyone's friend.
I wish I could be like Charles. He is always a very popular kinda guy. Reminds me of James Bond.
by JazzByChas July 08, 2011
A term for pretty much anybody, though usually used for somebody one does not like.

Comes from the I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch} video
What the shit is this Charles doing?

Shut the fuck up, Charles
by Bamf June 19, 2006
a guy who hits a very fat andres with chocolate bombs
*charles comes up from behind the door and hits andres* (BOOM!) *andres is covered in chocolate*
by thatchimunk November 10, 2006
A name that my boyfriend Nay Smilez and his friend Jeme have been calling everyone, when they say somthing dumb.
"Shut up Charles!"
by BiiBiiKakesz December 06, 2008
A person who is very nice and offers many compliments to Jennifers. A Charles may talk up to 8 hours (maybe more) on the phone. Charles may be shortened to "Char Char" or called "Char Char" like how the pokemon Charmander says "Char Char."
Hey Jamil's Cousin. I mean Charles.
by sweetjsour August 14, 2006

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