A very hot, nice, and smart guy. Charles' tend to be good at Chemistry and Math. They enjoy playing guitar, long walks on the beach, and eating...food. Their favourite food is Jujubes! Charles' tend to be very sweet and are very good boyfriends.

If you have a Charles in your life, don't let him get away! He's worth more than your house!
Guy: Oh heyyy Charles, whatcha eating?
Charles: Jujubes!

Charles on a Friday night: doing homework...math homework

Girls: Omg have you seen that guy Charles? He's like the perfect guy! He's smart, hot AND nice. What more could you ask for?
by Jujube1234 September 18, 2012
A term defining a person with thick, luscious lips.
Bro1: Hey look at that chick over there, looks like Angelina Jolie.

Bro2: Holy shit, dat Charles! dat LIPS!!
by lolwut12345 August 02, 2011
Hes as sweet as McDoanlds tea. He's a god and might be a Pacsun Model. One of the most amazing and unforgettable people you will ever meet. He will probably be able to make his armpits fart without using his hand. Is itty bitty and fights like a girl. Participates in being a chickenhead. Most commonly known as Donnye. Has some really awesome hair, but he may not pick it out and embrace it. Is different in almost every way possible. soft skinned and hairless except for his head. He makes falling in love just a little too easy.
Charles III
by ImaStreetNiggaIaintGotNoBitch August 12, 2011
The most amazing boy you'll ever meet. He's adorably funny- he secretly loves his comic books and sci-fi, he's badass, he's incredibly charming and you'll have a hard time not falling in love with him. He thinks he's a hotass samurai but secretly he's a gorgeous, funny, cute, adorable, sweetheart, samurai butterfly mango and he's also really mushy.

We love him a lot.
"You know that boy Charles?"

"Yeah, I heard he belonged to Sara."

by sazanator October 31, 2013
a very hot guy with a huge monster cock and a great boyfriend with a very nice body and great in bed who will never cheat on you he picks one girl to love for ever and stick with that girl for ever you'll be lucky to have some one like him
girl: wow i wish i have someone like charle
by jessica stucks June 05, 2011
Total sex on legs.
An oh so studly sexual god. Handles those girls like a pro and never backs down on a challenge
OMG Taylor Lautner is so dreamyy, he is such a charles!
by shbbvvalea hiul July 03, 2011
The king of friggin kings...nuff said
by random username... September 28, 2013

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