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An accomplished and proficient keyboard musician; a male that seduces females of all types and ages by playing his self-composed works of art to them, preferably on a small and colourful children's toy keyboard in the fashion of a mermaid.
"How did you sleep last night?"
"I didn't...I meant to go to bed early, but a Charles enticed me through skype with his music instead."
by alepha August 23, 2012
Charles Is The most sweetest guy ever, all the girls adore him all the guys don't only because all the girls love him so much. His smile will always make you Happy, cause honestly it's perfect. He's a little weird but you can always count on him.
Person "someone make me happy"

Charles " *Smiles* "

Person "I am now happy :)"
by ImAUnicorn July 24, 2012
Brave. Intuitive. Sexy. Survivalist. More than likely well endowed. Not very emotional. Has many talents. Probably the guy that steals your heart and just crushes it without meaning to, but calls you 2 in the morning drunk and sweet talks you back into love with him, becuase although he is unemotional, he's always there for you but still pisses you off becuase he doesn't like PDA much at all.
Every girl needs a Charles.

Jason is trying to be to much of a Charles; what a dumb loser.

I'm sorry I'm just being Charles baby.
by Charlesjohnson October 25, 2013
Fun, Loving, Fun-Loving, awesome, paradoxically oxymoronically the shit. Juxtaposes the existence of uncoolness. Generally loves life, though is at times EMOtional. Controlled by his music. Pretty cool cat. Hobbies may vary from anything to playing guitar, playing football, playing pc games or even carpentry. His options are in no way limited. Skies the limit for this absolute bau5.
Charles is one bad-ass mufuccka.

Charles is so talented musically/Charles is really into his sports/Charles really enjoys carpenting(carpentry)
by Vertigo_G February 11, 2012
A term defining a person with thick, luscious lips.
Bro1: Hey look at that chick over there, looks like Angelina Jolie.

Bro2: Holy shit, dat Charles! dat LIPS!!
by lolwut12345 August 02, 2011
1. the police

2. anyone (normally derogatory)

is from juggernaut bitch
1. Is that undercover charles up on the right side of the road?

2. I'ma beat yo ass charles shit I'll beat your ass with charles I'm da juggernaut bitch.
by paisy August 03, 2009
Hes as sweet as McDoanlds tea. He's a god and might be a Pacsun Model. One of the most amazing and unforgettable people you will ever meet. He will probably be able to make his armpits fart without using his hand. Is itty bitty and fights like a girl. Participates in being a chickenhead. Most commonly known as Donnye. Has some really awesome hair, but he may not pick it out and embrace it. Is different in almost every way possible. soft skinned and hairless except for his head. He makes falling in love just a little too easy.
Charles III
by ImaStreetNiggaIaintGotNoBitch August 12, 2011