A brown haired, blue eyed, charismatic individual with a strong sense of humor. He is one of the most talented individuals out there. Loved by all, especially the ladies. Occasionally likes to make love to beautiful women
wow, i really wanna hang out with charles

charles is the most freakin awesome person in the world

i wish i was as cool as charles

charles is good at sex
by dabighoss September 22, 2011
The town molestor who sells ice cream to all the children. Can usually be found sleeping in his white suburban, and strolling through kit carson park looking for small children by LR Green. Has trouble with the ladies but that must be assumed for a man that has never got the licks from a female. Hobbies include cleaning pools and straightup Molesting. Guy takes his jobs,tasks and hobbies VERY seriously. he's sick...
Big Charles was spotted eyeing 8 year olds playing hopskotch at the after school program

I heard your friend is having a party, Im down to go if Big Charles isnt seen there.

Did you see that Charles sleeping in the alleyway with a sweat filled face and puked stained sweater?
by Radek Shedd January 23, 2011
Charles Is The most sweetest guy ever, all the girls adore him all the guys don't only because all the girls love him so much. His smile will always make you Happy, cause honestly it's perfect. He's a little weird but you can always count on him.
Person "someone make me happy"

Charles " *Smiles* "

Person "I am now happy :)"
by plantagegtan July 24, 2012
Military term (of respect) used to describe the Viet Cong. Always used by many of the the combatants who had fought multiple engagements with them. Denoted grudging respect for their fighting prowess resulting in their monicker being changed from "charlie" to "Charles" or "Sir Charles"
often hear G.I. conversation: "Charles had his shit packed tight last night...chewed up half of 'A Company'... chewed `em up and spit `em right the fuck out." "Yeah?? Really??? No shit. Better have your shit reeealllyyy together before you go in that `ville looking to mix it with Sir Charles."
by pikkil47 November 17, 2009
Charles is a awsome guy who kicks butt at guitar. He has the sexiest voice and a body to match. He's shy but once you get to know him hes the best person you'd ever get to know and you'd be lucky if you got to know him. He's friendly, dorkish-in a cool way-, cool, sexy, funny and just an all around great guy. :)
Dont you wish you had a Charles?

That guy I met last night was such a Charles! ^_^
by rawrscenegurl0o January 03, 2012
A big buff guy who has the emotional equivalent to a rock. He is usualy hot, but doesn't quite understand that girls like PDA. Highly intelligent, but doesn't understand common relationship protocol. He doesn't mean to be jerk, but can occasionally come off as one.
Look at that Charles.... His poor girlfriend gets no loving attention unless they are making out. That guy needs to be taught a lesson.

Don't even try. She's been trying for a while now. He has a good heart though!
by Maud Smith 333 October 14, 2009
Fun, Loving, Fun-Loving, awesome, paradoxically oxymoronically the shit. Juxtaposes the existence of uncoolness. Generally loves life, though is at times EMOtional. Controlled by his music. Pretty cool cat. Hobbies may vary from anything to playing guitar, playing football, playing pc games or even carpentry. His options are in no way limited. Skies the limit for this absolute bau5.
Charles is one bad-ass mufuccka.

Charles is so talented musically/Charles is really into his sports/Charles really enjoys carpenting(carpentry)
by Vertigo_G February 11, 2012
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