Someone who writes a word's actual definition on Urban Dictionary.
I wanted to see a funny definition for the word "tree", so I went on to Urban Dictionary and the first guy that posted a definition was a Charles.
by Baron Helmut Schnitzelnazi May 22, 2016
Usually funny people who care about their hair a lot... If you see a charles, be their friend. (Ps. Their usually Canadian)
Hey Charles
Charles: Hi! Is my hair messed up?
No its fine
by FANGMARK21 March 29, 2015
A buttfuck
Hey, bro you wanna go have a charles?
by bigdickj0e October 20, 2014
A person who has very low self confidence and puts down others to make himself feel good. AKA a tool.
Hmmmm..... Today I feel like being a Charles.
by Allenray22 October 14, 2015
awesome as a child but as he grows older the more of a dick he becomes. Someone who is wreck less to his friends. Someone who brags on himself to his friends so much that they feel sorry for him and keep him around. ASS. someone who will kiss a mans ass in a higher position so he can swoop in and take his job. Pile of shit. Should've stayed in a condom.
I'm sorry I'm late, I had to take a Charles.
by Jurupari January 16, 2015
Everyone is Charles...I'm Charles, Your Charles, that girl in the background is Charles...EVERYONE
white man: "Hey Charles, hows it goin'"
black man: "I hate you Charles."
white man: "Come on Charles"
by z3u5 October 04, 2011
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