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A dude in florida who writes amazing poetry and quotes. He thinkss he's the shitt & the hottest guy with a dick bigger than my boyfriend ahaha. He used to have a sexy ass moustache in 7th grade. He's a great guy that knows how to treat a girl right. He's so hot, even the gay guys are out to get his balls. He's gonna become a rich & famous writer living on a private island with his own playboy mansion & a sexy pool boy named Fabio tending to his every need. He's a freak in bed & makes every girl's vajayjay crave his freakish skills.
Damnnn , look at that Charles Krausie !

Oh he's such a sexgod .
by dance4579 August 18, 2010

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A jerk guy who cheats and judges people he doesn't even know. Talks as if 'being experienced' in cheating is a good thing, and as if not being experienced means you don't understand anything. He'll act like a friend and then attack you saying things that hurt you, and won't stop even if you tell him to. He says a lot of mean things and makes you seem like the bad guy just for saying enough is enough, and says how he 'doesn't appreciate it'. He needs to learn to get to know someone before saying crap about them. He needs to mature and understand that him cheating on his girlfriend doesn't mean he knows everything about it. He also needs to learn not every guy is going to cheat on their girlfriends. Just because he 'says' he's a good guy, doesn't mean all the good guys are the same as him. He needs to learn how to be a real friend and just be there for someone when they're upset instead of jumping to conclusions and making accusations. And instead of being a jerk and trying to make you believe something that isn't true about someone he's NEVER met, why doesn't he stop to think and realize he has no proof. Keep things to yourself if someone says they don't want to hear it!!
That Charles Krausie is such a jerk!

Don't trust a Charles Krausie, he'll stab you in the back.

Oh, Charles Krausie? Ha! He'll be your friend one second, then treat you like crap then next.
by lalovee912 August 18, 2010