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Charles F. Brush High School, named after the man who invented the arc light, thereby making the mascot a lightbaulb, is a very diverse school. Unfortunatly, due to a student vote in the 1970's, the colors are forever brown and yellow--technically "vegas gold" but you can't tell the difference. The football team does not win, except for the 2005/2006 season which noone is really sure how that happened. The soccer team, however, is known for kicking ass. Much better than its neighbor Mayfield High School.

Sidenote: It's principal is the mother of Mike Vrabel, New England Patriots' linebacker.
"what school do you go to?"
"oh i'm sorry"
"why what school do you go to?"
"charles f. brush high school"
"i'm jealous"
by anonomousssss November 09, 2007
Charles F. Brush High School is located in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Its mascot is Arcy the Arc Lamp. The principal's name is Kenya Harrington. The racial makeup is 36% white, 57% black, 1% Asian, and .6% Hispanic. Alumni include a member of the Bush Administration and an astronaut.
"What school do you go to?"
"Charles F. Brush High School"
"Where's that?"
"In the ghetto"
by calvincoolio September 06, 2011

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