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Rap word for penis, used when it's useful for rhyming. Rarely used.
"I spit on your grave, then I grab my Charles Dickens... bitch."

- Method Man, from Notorious BIG's 'The What' (from the Ready to Die album)
by Chris G. November 12, 2004
A popular author and street fighter, Charles Dickens grew up in the 1800s writing books and punching townfolk in the face. Died in 1870 after choking on a book.
A selection of the more popular books written by Charles Dickens:

• Great Expectations
• Oviler Twists (later re-released as "Oliver Twist")
• A Christmas Carol
• Batman Returns: The Official Movie Book
by kleptonin April 25, 2004
One of the greatest authors EVER. The people who call him boring are shallow losers who have no lives or insight.
I just read a book by Charles Dickens!
by dickensfreak January 28, 2011
A man whose sole purpose in life was to write books that would in the future make children in schools feel very bored and sleepy and torment high schoolers forever.
by thegirlinthegreenscarf April 26, 2010

he also wrote great expectations, a book about retards in London. And Pip, the biggest jerk to walk the fictional planet.
person: yur acting pretty charles dickens man.

other person: yeah sorry, it's my period. >.>
by cybermachine March 27, 2009
An asshole author, who saw into the future and wrote shitty books to punish young souls. Ex: A Tale of Two Shitheads (Cities)
guy 1: Dude yesterday i finally finished sparknoting A Tale of Two Cities. It sucked!
guy 2: I know man, if Charles Dickens (Dickhead) was still alive, i would shove his books up his ass.
by dopeboy10 February 11, 2009
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