Extreme Lamer
Charlemagne: |)00|)! |'|\/| 4 14|\/|3R!
by Austin Powers July 14, 2003
Top Definition
No mans Bitch
Charlemagne made Shinobi a sandwich

Like hell I did, Bitch!
by Charlemagne July 11, 2003
Made peace between the pope and the Roman people and was later crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
Charlemagne was a successful warlord :)
by Enirys3 March 13, 2014
Crazy guy that spout out random lines, but everyone likes him. Not lame.
<Charlemagne> IN MY CLOWNPANTS!!!
by Booken July 17, 2003
A highly insecure person, usually male, with a terrible lack of social skills, who tries to make himself popular by acting in a random and insane manner or by jumping on bandwagons and participating in the humiliation of unpopular people.
Dude, quit being a Charlemagne! Grow some backbone damnit!
by Elyseon May 10, 2008
Shinobi's bitch! Yeah! What now!
Charlemagne made Shinobi a sandwich
by Anonymous July 09, 2003

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