Charity usually has difficulty to perform basic tasks like opening doors and gates. She also lets her brother tell her what to do and obeys his every command. She also will argue with her brother for up to 10 years at a time. Charity is a cool girl and has an awesome personality.
Ben: Charity go make me 600 sandwiches.
Charity: dangit! no!
Ben: Yes! Go!
Charity: Ugh! You suck Ben! *makes 600 sandwiches*
by blackcatz October 10, 2011
Top Definition
the coolest chick you could ever meet. Beautiful, brilliant, peaceful, down to earth, and wicked sweet. also the greatest and most loyal friend you could ever have. People are totally jealous of her awesomeness and her kick-ass personality. Many people wish they were as fly as this girl but they never will be. you may feel threatened or intimidated by charity... you should. she could take you out in a heartbeat.
person 1 : whoa check out that chick. she's almost as cool as charity.
person 2: pshh no one's as cool as charity
by alskdjfhg May 06, 2008
An amazing person.
who has a good personality.
Charity is a great person to be with.
by Teve Kronos February 05, 2008
She will appear shy or quiet if you don't know this girl, but once you get to know her she is the coolest, most talkative, fun friend to have! She is extremely loyal and sticks with her friends through thick and thin. She loves most things, and has a passion for animals. She's quiet if you know her, sweet if you're her friend, and insane if you're her best friend. And she's much stronger than she appears, so stay on her good side!
Person 1: Charity's my best friend.
Person 2: Isn't she so sweet? I wish she'd talk more, though.
Person 1: *Goes into shock mode and then falls on the ground laughing*
by Girlonfire March 18, 2013
An organization who collects money to satisfy the needs of the people, especially broke college kids looking for ways to have a good time without spending their own money.
The Lazy Charity, Jerry's Kids, Ronald Mcdonald House
by TLC1234 May 31, 2006
Derived from the Bible, Corinthians 3:13 meaning " Love".
Showing and giving love to fellow man with unbiased nature.

" Charity begins at home".
by Some Li'l Chick January 18, 2013
Broke people who are too lazy to do a damn thing, they always rely on the government to give them money.
Bob: What makes you think that people are gonna donate to those lazy fuckers?
Carl: People who have a heart!!!
Bob: Well I guess I don't have a heart then.
by Nickname7585 November 07, 2015
That dumbass bitch
Chris: That Dumbass Bitch started a rumor that caused a dearly loved friend to take his life all for social media attention.

Tom: wow what a Charity.
by Hooter pooter December 22, 2014
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