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A river that runs through Novinger in Adair county in Missouri. The Chariton is a very muddy river, resembling the Mississippi. It is small, but it makes up for its size with importance. Many crickers used to use it for a source of water and as a trade route in the early 19th century. Some people living in poverty still camp out on it's banks, as under some bridges there are remains of campfires and rugs. The Chariton is always remembered as a part of Missourian culture.
So many crickers live by the Chariton River.
A flash flood came down the Chariton.
My fishing line got snagged in the Chariton.
Many poor people rely on the Chariton for food and water.
Even today, some people live by the Chariton River.
Really large blue catfish thrive in the Chariton.
Everyone knows the Chariton is dangerous during storms.
Never fall in the Chariton; the current will drag you down.
Don't use light sinkers in the Chariton; your line will snag.
A 30lb. blue cat was just caught in the Chariton yesterday.
by Down by the Crick Side September 15, 2010

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