A wonderful girl known by many people, known by Sactourism3, Ranzar (alejo43), Aznspark247 and more. She is the super admin of the pokevalley oekaki, known for the productions of pokeventures, we hope the production will be finished soon. "I can sense this production will be a great one!" -Sact3. Hopefully PinnaGryphon Prod. can take some action is this production too!
The Chari loves to comment on people's work telling them how well they did.
The chari used a flame-thrower to wake Lara up.
by Sact and Alex July 12, 2004
Top Definition
a sweet girl who is usually shy and sometimes anti social. she likes to hang out with a friend but doesn't do well in big groups. she has big aspirations for her life and a quirky sense of humor. but she often fades into the background
That girl is nice but she's really shy and quiet, she's a bit of a Charis
by lammylamer August 06, 2010
The most amazing, quirky, beautiful, sweetest, caring, loving, creative, wonderful, awesome, hilarious girl in the world! The best best friend you could ask for. Has a big butt, loves Sour Patch Kids, laughing, creepy/scary movies, Dr.Wham, super heroes, music, dancing, boys, Covergirl, Sixteen Candles, pepperoni pizza, and is a total klutz.
Hi. My name is Charis and Lizzy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!! I like to skip and creep in high heels at church!
by LizDizzleCriss November 27, 2011
1)A word to describe a hot girl
2) A girl that everyone wants
3) see hot
Bob: i wish i could find a charli
sally: then you would be cool
by Jessyka March 19, 2004
Indian for hash. Usually a soft textured highly pure and sweet smelling goo.
Made by rubbing large buds in the hands, and collecting the dark resin-like deposits that collect on the palms.
Smoked frequently by Indian Babbas using Chillum pipes.
I cant wait for a good smoke of some clean charis, instead of that dirty urban skunk you always get.
by theoriginalMax May 13, 2007
A girl who loves to dress up as Darth Vader and breathe deeply.
Hrrh, hrrrh, hrrrh!
Wow, that sounds like a total Charis
by firehorse66 June 29, 2011
a girl that can be classified as a fun lover. typically cute, fun, and loves to dance (the salsa especailly). this person is the best friend anyone could ever wish for.
damn man shes so charis
by d money baby April 04, 2010

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