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Pronounced shar-bun-oh. Eleven letters. Confusing to telemarketers and people who have no brain stems. Spelled incorrectly 99.9% of the time. Awesome, French Canadian, and a little bit sexy.
Telemarketer who was quite obviously a tad bit ghetto: Hi, is Karen... Char... Shar... Chair-bone-oh... Shar-bone-yo... um... it sounds like a type of wine... is she there?
Karen: ...what?

Guy 1: My name is James Charbonneau.
Guy 2: And how do you spell that?
Guy 1: J-a-m-e-s C-h-a-r-b-o-n-n-e-a-u.
Guy 2: Okay, C-h-a-r-b-o-n-e-a-u?
Guy 1: No, there are two N's. It's C-h-a-r-b-o-n-n-e-a-u.
Guy 2: That's not what you said.
Guy 1: Yes I did.
Guy 2: Okay, so it's S-h-a-r-b-o-n-n-e-a-u?
by Isabelle McBoogerballs May 30, 2010