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Short for Character Embarrassment and pronounced Care E. A feeling of intense awkwardness or embarrassment for a situation, a person, people, or yourself.
When you butt dial someone and they hear your entire conversation bad-mouthing them. Char-E! or when you're at a club or bar and someone throws up all over the place and conducts themselves like a total drunken mess in front of a large audience of people.
by DeviantLiL1 November 18, 2011
Sounds like "shutty" and mean the shut the fuck up. Sounding polietly innocent but packing a strong punch.
Mom: nag nag nag! nag nag!? nag nag nag!!!

You: MOM! Charé OK!?

Mom: D':
by Neddypoo May 17, 2010
country for there... instead of sayin there say chare pronounced like chair
look at that fine boi right chare... i aint lyin
by Taryn Burton May 20, 2005
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