Someone with traits of friendship. Being loyal and always willing to help define half of this person. The other half is passion.
You are the best friend ever. You are a Chantelle
by Mijjim December 04, 2010
Top Definition
The perfect girlfriend. Flawless, amazing, beautiful and kind in any way. Any guy wants her, and the guy that gets her never wants to let her go. She is a family girl, always there for her friends, and always there to give her love to her boy. Any body in the world would be lucky to have such an angel.
When you find a Chantelle, never let her go.
by DN94 June 14, 2011
It’s that feeling when you are in a crowded room and you notice that extraordinary person making an effortless and graceful entrance that grabs the attention of every eye. When she glances in your direction, your heart skips a beat, and your palms begin to sweat. You hope she doesn't see you, but inside, you hope she does. You initially think she's unapproachable because you would be at a loss for words; however, you are drawn to her presence and sheer elegance.
Wow, that girl can chantelle a room
by ancientgr2 November 02, 2010
Chantelle is a girl who is very beautiful but never brags about it. chantelles are extremely bright but also know how to have fun when they need to. Chantelles generally come in short packages with big hearts, are very giggly, and always wanting to support her friends.
chantelle and i had great time at the party
by kst98 August 15, 2011
Is a nice name that generally is used for girls i mean face it if ya a guy and called chantelle then WOOWEE your fcukd haha

Anyway Chantelle is a brand

Also is associated with really nice girls (cept for the rare few)

And Meee
Chantelle is SOOO much better than that Jezzer Guy =]
by Rock-Chick-Chantelle June 14, 2008
chantelle is the best mate ever the best mate a girl or boy could wish for. she had her own unique style for clothing and is very beautiful and sexy she is a natural beauty. she is very attractive and guys fall at her feet.she is too good for some of her mates.she has amazing hair she ust is to shy to show it.she is tall and is very amazingly beautiful.the most beautiful girl in the world.she will make your eyes fall deeply in love with her.she is a bubbly person,who loves to have a laff and a joke and gets some jokes on a night out with her girls.
chantelle she has all the older boys falling for her she is that attractive.
by baybe-x-o-x-gurl June 08, 2011
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