Pronounced Shun-Tall. She is a B.A.P.- Black American Princess. Beautiful on the inside and out. She is laid back, reserved and shy at times but paradoxically is the life of the party. She is loved by many and hated by plenty. She is extremely funny, charismatic, cute and 110% real. She loves her friends and value her family; however, if you screw a Chantal over, she is strong enough to cut you out of her life. She can be stubborn when it comes to her self-respect and she demands it from any and eveyone she comes in contact with. To win back her affections, all you gotta do is acknowledge what you did and never do it again. She can be a people pleaser and will put up with so much for so long bc she's strong before she snaps. You don't want to be on the receiving end of Chantals' wrath. Her body is flawless from head to toe and can range anywhere from petite-thin to voluptuous- thick, in a sentence: "She's got it going on!" She turns heads (guys & girls) alike when she enters a room. She exudes class, confidence and has major sex appeal. ;)
BOY: Yo son, aint that Chantal right there?!

Other Boy: "Fuck offf sonn, she's mine!!

Girl: I don't know who that Sana Lathan lookin b*tch thinks she is!!

Other Girl: The b*tch that's about to go home wit your man!!

Boy:Ayoo Chantel
A Chantal: No, NI**A, it's Chantallll, you gotta enunciate the tal, you feel me, let it roll off your tongue!
by chinkyshasha January 14, 2012
Top Definition
A devastating beauty with a fiery personality. Part lover part fighter, Chantals know how to make it rain. Your life is incomplete if you lack a Chantal. A completely magical girl.
Boy: I met a Chantal the other day for the first time and I think I'm in love.
by a_concerned_citizen March 30, 2009
A down to earth straight up girl. Very funny and cute and has the smile to prove it. Loves to kiss and is good at it too! A Chantal is not fake and will be real with you as long as you are always real with her. Deffinately has style AND class and is not cheap! She is a people pleaser and would rather please the people in her life she cares about rather then herself. She always puts others first. Without Chantal's the world would not be as good of a place. She's deffinately the girl you want to have with you at a party! Chantal's know how to have fun! Not to mention, they've got MAJOR sex appeal!! Everyone wants a piece of a Chantal! ;) Guys && Girls alike!
by ihearteatingboogers February 04, 2010
Always has a smile on her face. Lightens your day. The second most unique way of spelling "chantel"
"whats your name"
"chantal with an a , l "
by myshy` June 30, 2009
sexy bicth ;) whos funny fit and got a great scene of humour. her eyes are always her best feature and every guy notices her when she walks into a room
boy2: shes mine ;)
by hummer 42 November 15, 2010
a sweet tasting pastry that is delicious and contains no calories
Mmm, this Chantal is bangin'.
by Channypoopsie wowow. February 13, 2009
Chantal is a gorgeous girl, who is always herself. She is loyal and hardworking, but also knows how to have fun! The name comes from the french verb "chanter", so Chantals are often incredible singers. Fiery at times, don't get on her bad side, but when shes happy the whole world smiles :D

boy... hello, you must be a Chantal.. i heard your siren call.
girl... um, cheesy?! but hey!
by March 03, 2012
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