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The art of stimulation of the penile region by one or both hands. Most commonly performed at parties by drunk girls.
Hey, i just got a chanjob form that chick that got wasted from one shot.
by butt "rupture" butterson January 18, 2009
A pointless handjob in which the giver of the handjob either holds on to the penis without any motion or yanks it up and down while gripping too tightly. Named after the infamous giver of the chanjob (some say it's mythical).
Friend 1: Dude was that your first Chanjob?
Friend 2: Yeah. She just held on and sometimes yanked really hard. I got off anyways tho.
Friend 3: Oh dude I thought that was just a myth
Friend 2: Oh no! This was very real!
by Archie C June 16, 2008