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Barhopping or picking up hookers in Changwon, South Korea. Usually done by U.S. Navy personnel stationed in Chinhae.
Dude, we just went Changbanging, and Bill just fucked a 50 year old hooker!
by Ugly Ginger January 09, 2011
1 2
To be stood up. Particularly by a asian dude.
You got chang banged by Jonathon?
by bpear March 03, 2007
70 19
The result of leaving a Florida party at 7 in the morning with a smile on your face after listening to DJ Chang all night long.
Q: What did you do last night?

A: Went to a party last night and was Chang Banged.
by Florida Music Rocks February 10, 2010
7 6
A group of 3 or more people of asian decent engaging in sexual intercourse
Damn dude, last night i just had a chang bang with those 4 hot asian cheerleaders!
by 50 tyson February 08, 2011
0 2
raping an asian person in the butthole or ?vajayjay?
lets go changbang ming ching ling
by Daniel A. Gibbs February 10, 2008
4 8
to be raped by a crowd of horny asians.
Holy shit! I just got chang banged!
by Griff May 07, 2005
24 37
Having sex with an asian chick.
Brian don't do chang bang.
by Wu Shen June 01, 2005
6 24