During the late 1990s, this was the name given to the Dance or Techno music that invaded the country's radio station, lounges and discotèques.
En Venezuela se le conoce como al género o estilo de música que evolucionó el final de los 90s, y que surgió de la fusión de géneros como el Hip-Hop, Dance, House o la música Techno. La inclusión de instrumentos electrónicos y los ritmos explosivos hicieron de éste género la música alternativa en las discotecas en conjunto con otros géneros como el Electropop, Snap Music, Crunk, Dance Punk, Nu-Disco, Electro House, Minimal Techno, Dubstep, y R&B.
Electrica Salsa (Changa), Guitarrero (Changa), Rumore Químico (Changa), Allons-Enfants! (Changa), Amor Erótico (Changa), Blue (Da Ba Dee) Changa, etc
by Joseph-R May 06, 2010
Top Definition
(CHUN-ga) In Australia, it is a plant (typically an MAOI) soaked in DMT designed for smoking through a dry bong.
"Are you changa hungry?"
by lotus-tear January 20, 2007
Australian pronounciation: "Chang-AH"
Changa is a synergistic herbal smoking blend, containing natural DMT, herbs such as Passionflower, Mullein and Blue Lotus, typically with Ayahuasca vine and/or leaf as an MAO inhibitor to extend duration, smoothness and vigour.
"Come over tomorrow and we'll go down to the lake and smoke some Changa!"
by tiggabing November 11, 2010
Spanish for monkey. Childs nickname.
Nina loves you my little changa!
by tryingtohelp August 07, 2011
Not Good, Weak, Bunk.
say you buy somthing and it's not what you expected,it's weak not good.it'changas.
by 1mera4 February 29, 2008
Used when referring to a group of girls in a given situation. Can also commonly be referred to as 'pussy', 'clunge' and 'bitches'. If Changa is exceptional, then you might also here the phrase 'Chimmy Changa'. On rare occasions, one might refer to certain Changa as a 'Changasaurus Rex' meaning that the Changa in question is a prime cut.
"Look behind you at your 3 o'clock, there's some bare Changa."
"This dance floor is flooded with Chimmy Changa!"
"Check out the Changasaurus Rex in the blue dress."
by Emnes Senior September 11, 2015
Penis or dick
Wow, you have a small changa.
Look at that batty man, small changa ras.
Ey girl, you want to see my changa?
by CDS shotta April 09, 2010
When a male urinates on a transvestite
Michael just changad on her!
by AVIIIIIIIIIII February 10, 2014
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