-great soccer player
-amazing percussionist
-hot hot hot
-dirty blonde
-super funny
-super sweet
"You know that guy in science"


"Well, he's a Chandler"
by catsup.girl April 26, 2013
Chandler is an exteremly outgoing girl who is very pretty. she tends to think she's black and is absolutely in love with Brooklyn Beckham. Chandler is very very clumsy and gets a scar from about anywhere she goes. Chandler doesn't tolerate very many people but if she tolerates you then you will love her!
woah did that Chandler just fall.....again?
by cheezeits May 15, 2015
His milk chocolate skin is loved by everyone. His purple lips will caress your vaginal lips until his tongue rips it open. His dick is so long that the girls can't it like when they watch the fault in our stars. Keep your eyes on yo bitch cuz chandler is cumin. His nose is covered in that cocaine and will get more. He will get you to buy him more so he can get Horney enough to penetrate you through the roof. He will pop your water even if your not pregnant. He will make you deep throat him like you do to dat beer at a party.
DDDAAAMMMNNNN this chandler is fuckin all the girls
by tubini November 08, 2014
Usually a tall blonde and handsome percussionist with the attitude of a black woman. Hailing from the ghettos of Candy Land, his hobbies may include getting down with his bad self, romping and fishing. Among his interests are searching for land mines, taking pictures of fire hydrants, and exposing himself to strangers. Chandlers are most famous for creating and incorperating the term Bendered into the American language. His most common nickname is C-town. He is also familiarized as skinnylicious. His favorite place in the world is Bernadette and he usually has a thing for Lexie.
Boy, that Chandler has a way with the colored women!
by Team Mongoose February 21, 2012
1. asdlfkjaslkdf (random)
2. very crazy and friendly
3. often gets in trouble
4. Likes funny stuff
6. has best friend Sandy (milffffff)

1. to totally own at anything
2. to easily penetrate something
whoaaa dude the way you were acting was so Chandler. You better lay off the ganja man...

Dude I just chandlered your mom.
by owoieuraslkf December 01, 2006
Ridiculously low commission voucher on a pre-owned car sale.
Hey bud, did you sell that M5?" "Yep, but I got a Chandler on it, so you didn't miss out on anything good.
by Sales Ninja March 07, 2011
Chandler, the character in friends who is the "funny" one and always has something sarcastic to say.
1. Sarcastic
2. Terrible with girls
Random person: He was being such a chandler, making fun of my hair.

Girl 1: God i hate him! He's such a chandler!
Girl 2: He's a chandler in bed too.

Boy 1: Dude, stop being a chandler and get some new pick up lines!
Boy 2: The only Chandler here is you, cos' you made fun of my Mom!
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
1(v.) Using way too much marijuana (Chandler)
2(v.) Being sexual in a tawdry yet flattering manner (Chandlering)
1 Dude im worried about you starting to chandler a bit...

2 Oh my god Claire, he is so chandlering you!
by Ruffin it for whittey August 15, 2008
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