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-great soccer player
-amazing percussionist
-hot hot hot
-dirty blonde
-super funny
-super sweet
"You know that guy in science"


"Well, he's a Chandler"
by catsup.girl April 26, 2013
12 9
1. asdlfkjaslkdf (random)
2. very crazy and friendly
3. often gets in trouble
4. Likes funny stuff
6. has best friend Sandy (milffffff)

1. to totally own at anything
2. to easily penetrate something
whoaaa dude the way you were acting was so Chandler. You better lay off the ganja man...

Dude I just chandlered your mom.
by owoieuraslkf December 01, 2006
163 171
Chandler, the character in friends who is the "funny" one and always has something sarcastic to say.
1. Sarcastic
2. Terrible with girls
Random person: He was being such a chandler, making fun of my hair.

Girl 1: God i hate him! He's such a chandler!
Girl 2: He's a chandler in bed too.

Boy 1: Dude, stop being a chandler and get some new pick up lines!
Boy 2: The only Chandler here is you, cos' you made fun of my Mom!
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
84 98
to be a he-she. other wise known as a girl with a penis.
Dude shes hot!" "Bro, she has a dick, shes Chandler"
by g8d7hg28d7hi8udh74erh July 20, 2011
37 53
1(v.) Using way too much marijuana (Chandler)
2(v.) Being sexual in a tawdry yet flattering manner (Chandlering)
1 Dude im worried about you starting to chandler a bit...

2 Oh my god Claire, he is so chandlering you!
by Ruffin it for whittey August 15, 2008
39 55
a bitch who likes suckin cock 400 hours a day. all she thinks or talks about it dick because shes brainwashed from sucking it so much. she also loves dick for breakfast lunch and dinner.
That girl was a total Chandler last night, she gave me head 6 times!
by ohhhyeahhh!101 May 17, 2011
8 30
Short, fat, squatty, Ugly, grotesque, annoying girl who is very loud and immature. She must always be the center of attention and if she's not she will do something drastic to maker herself noticed.
Guy 1: hey what up man

Guy 2: what's up bro how you been

Guy 1's GF: babe look at me and talk to me don't talk to him talk to me
Guy 2: dude your girl is a stuck up bitch

Guy 1: no she's just a Chandler
by Chodeylee July 18, 2011
1 25
someone who gives handjobs if asked to
Boy 1: Yeah shes a chandler.
Boy 2: How do you know?
Boy 1: She was at my house last night.
Boy 2: oh
by notXevenXnormal July 10, 2008
38 66