Usually a tall blonde and handsome percussionist with the attitude of a black woman. Hailing from the ghettos of Candy Land, his hobbies may include getting down with his bad self, romping and fishing. Among his interests are searching for land mines, taking pictures of fire hydrants, and exposing himself to strangers. Chandlers are most famous for creating and incorperating the term Bendered into the American language. His most common nickname is C-town. He is also familiarized as skinnylicious. His favorite place in the world is Bernadette and he usually has a thing for Lexie.
Boy, that Chandler has a way with the colored women!
by Team Mongoose February 21, 2012
Top Definition
An amazing guy that can be a jerk but is extremly funny and sweet. He smells amazing and is average height. He may not be your first choice in a guy, but after you date him you'll want him forever. He listens to everything you say and he's protective if someone hurts you. you can trust him with anything and know he won't tell anyone because it's just who he is. He's a great football player and swimmer. He won't leave you for someone else, but you have to watch because that's his problem, if he finds someone else he may date them and you too. But that isn't common, he's a great guy and one of the best boyfriends a girl could have. He's cute too and the best kisser on the planet. And a girls dream guy after you get to know him.
"You're so funny and amazing! you must be a Chandler."
by A.L.L.People November 23, 2011
The greatest girl in the world
she's sexy, funny and I couldn't live without her and her kindness.
Dude! Guess What?
I just met the greatest girl in the world!
Your Kidding? What's her name?
by light shining from above February 17, 2009
Suburb city of South East Phoenx reppin' the 480 all day. Also known as C-Town. Home to a grip of pobre mexicanos looking for trabajo, as well as a good amount of upper class respectable types. On of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and jam packed full of MILFs from all walks of life.
If your heading into the Valley this weekedend you should stop in Chandler and pick up a few ese's to fix the roof.

If you go to a work out facility or mall in C-Town you are bound to run into sweet honeys all day.
by Deezey August 21, 2007
1. (n)meaning one who brings light
2. (n)one who is gifted beyond measure; often on a soccer field
3. (v)to show, prove, or establish dominance over another being; often one who is inferior in skill or intellect
2. "MAAAAAN...did u see him? He megged 7 defenders in a row and rainbowed the keeper...TWICE in the same game!!!"
3. "Fool u just got chandlered!"
by the revolutionary August 07, 2006
she's the sexiest girl ever, she is really outgoing !
all she wants is a boyfriend who will love her for who she is, which is a party hard beauty queen.
chandler is so shy around new people
by angel890 July 16, 2011
noun; early French for 'candle maker'.
I was a chandler until I spilled hot wax all over my ding dong.
by chandizl December 14, 2008
a horny teenage boy
Chandler: Hey what's up?

Girl: Nm u?

Chandler: Just watching some porn ;) Let's find somewhere to fuck!
by cackdaddy July 24, 2011
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