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A Hebrew name. It means graceful, and only the very coolest people in the whole entire world get this name. Chanas are very unique and someone you really want to be friends with. If you need someone to talk to, a Chana is always there, and ready to listen and give advice. If you have a friend named Chana then you are very lucky. If your name is Chana, congratulations. Chana is the best name you could possibly ever have. All Chanas are unique and beautiful. Sometimes they are brunettes, and Chanas ALWAYS have the most beautiful eyes.
"Oh, that girl is so sweet"
"I know! Everyone wants to be her friend..."
"She is SUCH a Chana!"
by cazgirl January 29, 2009
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an awesome person and great friend who loves tires. you better be careful when she sees you that she doesnt say "i see you!" also, be careful of those salutes, shes rly good at them. but its all worth having her as a best friend.
example: hi chana.
by lsdfjas;kfj;we November 06, 2013
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someone who brings her friends anywhere and everywhere
Look at that Chana her friends are right behind her
by ILOVEYOUCHANA January 20, 2010
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Someone who is extremely spoiled and bratty. A chana often throws temper tantrums and does absoloutely anything in order to get what she desires. A chana can be spotted by her thinness, tan skin, and pot belly.
"The chana screamed so loud the king offered her his entire kingdom for her to seize her tantrum"
by Lon January 25, 2005
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