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a japanese honorific, or suffix added to the end of one's name. chan is usually used when:

1. the person is a small child, ie, younger sibling or friends sibling

2. the person is cute, usually younger, usually a girl

3. can be used on pet cats, dogs, etc..

-chan is mostly used by those in the anime community in america. chan is not often used unless you are familiar with that person and they are younger then you, or they are someone you are familiar with's younger sibling. since chan can mean cute, some boys looking to be manly may be a bit offended by it. also, it should be noted that the suffix chan is used mostly among friends. you wouldnt greet a freshman you dont know as chan, but perhaps as <their name>-kohai. (kohai meaning something along the lines of lower classman)
1. Oh look! its my little brother! hello Jay-chan!

2. look at Felicia-chan's cute dress ^-^

3. Here comes Kitty-chan! What fluffy paws she has!
by the TRUE [11] October 05, 2005
noun. Picture a dog sitting in a corner afraid to eat it's food. When the dog's owner puts the food closer to the dog, the dog barks one time and then runs into the other room. The Human version of this dog is called a "chans."
"Hey bob, you want to try a lick of my ice cream"

'No"(Bob Runs away)

"What a Fuckin' chans!"
by BiggestD October 20, 2008

verb, channed or chan'd, chan·ing, noun

–verb (used with object)

1. 1. to mix in a confused mass; put or throw together without order: You've channed up all the cards.

2. to put together indiscriminately or confusedly (often fol. by up ).

3. to combine, unite, or join: to chan business and pleasure.

4. to add as an element or ingredient: chan some salt into the flour.

6. to crossbreed.

7. Informal--a mess or muddle; a chan-up.


1. a mixed or disordered heap or mass: a chan of paper clips, rubber bands, and string.

2. a confused mixture; medley.

3. a state of confusion or disorder.
Used exclusively in warehousing and retail operations:

Tom and Joe are working truck at Walgreen's. Joe tosses items from dental totes in with items from food totes. Tom returns. "Wow Joe, you sure channed this one up!"

Sam and Bob are working a seasonal aisle at WAL-MART. Bob begins to stock Christmas, Halloween, and Easter items together on the same shelf. Sam: "BOB! Quit channing seasonal!"

Assistant manager Jack is trying to find a spot for 200 cases of overstock water. He stacks them in an awesome pyramid right in front of the main entrance and customers cannot get in or out. Phil walks up with a sarcastic smile. "Nice chan, jack."
by sarg789 January 14, 2011
A Japanese honorific, when put at the end of a name when adressing someone, it means they are your friend, or equal.
Let's go to the movies, Sami-chan!! :-)
by Beccachu June 22, 2005
A shortened term for the words Chess LAN. This is a game of chess played over a LAN (two or more computers linked together)
Tim - "Hey man, whats plans 2nite?"

Andy - "Not alot bro, wanna play some Chan?"
by DufGal August 19, 2008
This definition comes from the awesomeness of Jackie Chan, and his martial arts skill.

1. To overcome a problem using considerable skill in martial arts.

2. To defeat someone of thing by using unusual objects.

3. To demonstrate skill in martial arts
1. That small dude channed that huge guy unconscious!

2. Wow! He channed that guy with that chair!

3. He channed himself up onto the roof by running up the wall.
by Potatoguy February 14, 2007
overly common Chinese last name.
That Chinese girls' last name is Chan.
by JessMejino November 01, 2008
A person who does hanus things to peoples computers through the internet. Usually describes a group of computer leterate people who have the ability to hack into sites and ruin peoples days.
You better stop posting all over the rants and raves or the chans will get you.
by Chris Crowbody March 02, 2008

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