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Billy Bragg, a folk-punk performer. Best known in England for espousing the virtues of being a working class man and then moving the fuck out of his blue collar 'hood in Essex asap. Certainly a fine musician, widely acclaimed for killer albums such as Back to Basics and his respectable tributes to Joe Strummer (of the only band that matters, the ClashTM), he is fond of "pontificating on a South London council estate when we all know he lives in a lovely big house in West Dorset".
GI Dave: OMG Billy Bragg! Dude, I'm your biggest fan!


GI Dave: You should come play at our school's music festival Culture Shock in April!

Billy Bragg: I would love to but unfortunately April is the month that I arbitrarily fire half of my waiting/serving staff at home and hire new servants that I can pay less. If Joe Strummer were alive I would recommend you to him because he squatted almost his whole life and definitely never lived in Dorset. However, he's dead so you'll probably have to go watch some totally unremarkable over-hyped hipster headliner for Culture Shock.

GI Dave: man, CL was totally right, you really are such a champagne socialist.
by ChristaLea November 23, 2007
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A champagne socialist is someone who talks about and identifies themselves as being someone on the left wing, for example a socialist or communist, but lives a life of indulgence in extremely trivial and material things.
"Dave told me he's a socialist the other day"

"ha, yeah, a champagne socialist more like. Have you seen his new iphone?"
by Jaqen H'gar January 11, 2015

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