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When you take a shit and the first part of it is solid (aka the cork) but immediately afterwards the rest of it is diarrhea and comes blasting out and splatters all over the toilet bowl(just like champagne if you were to shake it up and release the cork)
I was taking a dump the other day and couldn't figure out how to describe it,It was so POWERFUL that it splattered everything in the bowl and the smell was so wretched that it had to be named. so some friends and I got together and coined the name Champagne shit
by Kai Karl June 09, 2006
v. - A shit where a lump of constipated shit is blocking off a collection of Diarrhea shit, ergo, upon the release of the constipated shit you have "popped the cork" of the shit.
Guy1: "Who the hell was that screaming in the bathroom?"

Guy2: "Oh, that was Bill, he had mexican last night so I think he's taking a champagne-shit."
by BananaChem August 21, 2010
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