Tha realist rapper out here holdin it down for TEXAS. Can't no muthafucker touch him.
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
by Junior August 22, 2004
Point Blank the illest rapper rappin. and to all of ya'll that don't know, He won the Beef against dike jones, and crushed his fan base in texas. He openly admits to nmot being a gangsta. admits that he was never sellin drugs. but he grew up in that environment so he knows about it. and He was not just raised christian. His father was a muslim and his mother was a christian. He doesn't rap about smokin and girls and drinkin. He raps about real stuff. Everything He says has a purpose. You just mad because He crushed Mike's Career. He tried to tangle with the sharks but I'm sorry he doesn't swim. Dike jones is the most none rappin raper in houston history. Chamillitary's the logo. CHamillitary mayne.
CHeck the songs No snitchin', Void in my life, think I'm Crazy, Rain, Picture perfect,from the sound of revenge and the entire ULTIMATE Victory CD and I bet you that you'll agree with me when I say chamillionaire ain't pointless.

Go to and Look up Mixtape messiah 1 and Listen to all of his disses agains Mike Jones and You'll Know he won. or you can Ask some real people from texas.
by King Grande March 06, 2008
Chamillionaire is the best rapper out there right now. For anyone reading this, listen to songs from Chamillionaires' new CD Ultimate Victory, he raps about real stuff and he's got good beats from top to bottom it's one of the best albums I've heard and I've heard many rap albums. or even listen to anyone of his mixtapes, mixtape messiah 1,2, or 3, theres more but those are the most popular. Mixtape messiah 4 is comin out soon. Cham doesn't even cuss on his new CD, and he has openingly admitted that he doesn't use drugs and doesnt drink alcohol. he's not a gimic rapper at all, he's agaisnt talkin about all the stuff that rappers talk about these days, drugs, guns, club, he's a breath of fresh air and the sickest rapper out there right now

and for the dude talkin' about ridin' dirty if you accually listen to the lyrics he says he's not ridin dirty the cops are tryin to catch him with drugs because he's black and has a nice car so they think he's a drug dealer
Manny - yo man you hear that new Chamillionaire CD
Leon - Yeah man it's the best album I've heard in a long time
by Chamillitary Fan March 16, 2008
He has a really good flow and really good raps and beats. Very Underrated rapper. Check out his album the ultimate victory its amazing. He is also pretty original.
Chamillionaire - The Ultimate Victory is really good
by Da Prophet92 August 27, 2008
also known as the color chanigin lizard.
he repps OUR hometown houston texas!!!
he usualy raps with paul wall...
THE best rapper out there and the future or hip hop...
he takes a strong stand against hating..
in my opinion ridin is his best song..
fuck the fucking haters!!!!
said and still says chamillionaire
by jc from h-town November 10, 2007
Chamillionaire is one of the rare rappers who keep it real wit tha tha illest rhymes...talented....he's aleready on tha path of becomin tha next rap legend...gotta luv him...
Me: Damnn i love Chamillionaire....dats daddy right therr
SOME OTHA B: No wonder he won a award on his first apperance on tha mtv awards...
by Xlusiveemama September 10, 2006
To all the dumbasses that call him a Wanksta:

Chamillionaire grew up in notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes
chamillionaire is the shit
by aguynamedandy February 06, 2007
an excited yes or an excited agreement
"lets go get some food"
"chamillionaire that"
by Kevin and Kevin July 22, 2006
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