Tha realist rapper out here holdin it down for TEXAS. Can't no muthafucker touch him.
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
by Junior August 22, 2004
Color changing man/Lizard that switch style, paint,BUT no team switching

King of the Color Changing Click and been down with that team since day one and is still down with it this very day and claiming it
Keeping it real with everything you stand and start with, since the first day and claiming and excepting it no matter what anybody says
by Kakarrot supersaiyan September 06, 2004
First of all, all of you people saying that Chamillionaire is another crappy mainstream rapper who talks about nothing but sex, drugs, and women are wrong. Just pick up Ultimate Victory (his second album) and listen to The Morning News and The Evening News. Both of them are very good songs. Chamillionaire's exact words : "Hip hop, crunk music, hyphie music, snap music. Sounds like a nursery rhyme, get a beat and rap to it. Ain't speaking with a purpose, ima call it crap music."
You can tell by these lyrics that Chamillionaire is opposed to people that get up there and rap about bullshit. Also, the last thing he says on the song The Morning News is "Silly rappers think I'm worried about a punch line, I show more purpose than your whole career in one line". Chamillionaire is one of the most talented rappers in my opinion. Shit talkers have probably only heard his two hits, Ridin dirty and Turn it Up, and they think that all he does is rap about bullshit. Well listen to his CD's there is a purpose to almost all of his songs that I have heard. And his second CD, Ultimate Victory, is a statement. He purposely did not curse or use the N word. He did this to show that you dont need to curse or be vulgar to make a good rap album. So haters, please explain to me how Chamillionaire is the type of rapper that is ruining rap?? Go ahead try it.
Chamillionaire is one of the most versatile and talented rappers today. I put him in a class with Kanye West, Common, and a few others. He is one of my favorites and people who think he is the type of rapper that is ruining rap are either complete idiots or have not listened to enough of his music.
#chamillionaire #rap #ultimate victory #good rap #hip hop
by PhillyzFinest March 05, 2008
"The Common Color Changin Lizard or King Koopa,The mix tape Masiah";Usually wrecks with The Chick Magnet,Paul Wall
Here Lizard Here Lizard It's King Koopa
by Xscape January 13, 2004
A great rapper from Houston, Texas. Nicknamed the Mixtape Messiah. All of his raps are powerful, fierce, and clever. He actually comments on real issues in todays society, in his songs Morning News, and Evening News. He wasn't afriad to say the truth about Hurricane Katrina, George Bush, Corrupt Cops, Whack rappers, Media, bad music, how if blacks become smart they are considered whites, paying taxes, welfare, struggle of daily life, Drugs, Ciggaretts and how people working at Mc Donalds are like slaves. He tells the truth in a fierce, clever way. He is an excellent rapper especially compared to other maninstream rappers.
Chamillionaire speaks the truth in a powerfull, honest, clever way. He's not just another black rapper he is unique.
#chopped and screwed #texas #houston #paul wall #mike jones #grill
by Jersey Kid November 22, 2007
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
Chamillionaire's Greatest Hits CD, Mixtape Messiah 1-3, Sound of Revenge, Ultimate Victory.
#chamillitary mayne #chamillionaire #king koopa #mixtape messiah #rap
by JakeSAUCE February 01, 2008
A rapper from Houston, TX. Part of the 'Color Changin' Click.' Usually raps with paul wall.
Listen to this track from Paul Wall and Chamillionaire.
by Paul Wall May 20, 2003
one of the best rappers out there right now. his new album The Sound of Revenge is sick. i recommend buying it.
Chamillionaire's album The Sound of Revenge is worth buying. Don't download it.
#ill #rapper #nasty #realest #south
by J 0 K A February 19, 2006
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