Kicked times two
Lily is chalked
by chalkedimus prime December 23, 2011
Top Definition
for get about it, i dont want that, not wanting something.
that person is chalked, this candy is chalked because it is nasty, going to the movies is chalked,
by Alfredo Lopez May 22, 2006
This shit's chalked!
To take a hit and then shrug it off without showing pain.
Yo, Tony just chalked getting hit by that car.
by bington May 27, 2015
To H/U before you date and/or to hook-up randomly with anybody at any given time..
I chalked Kristina yesterday, I didn't expect to but it happened..

I chalked Kristina, Now we have to go out..
by Christopher Chris September 16, 2005
to be hammered, drunk, or stoned
Damn I can't believe i got home i was so chalked
by southsidehammer November 19, 2007
To get nutted on, or just fucked.
I chalked that bitch last night.
by Lamont Jenkins June 05, 2005

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