Fabianese for any sexual act
Fabiana and Hugo haven't chaka chaka for a long time because she works too much!
by da manager January 08, 2009
Top Definition
a funny slang word for sex
"Amy and Miguel did chaka chaka all night long."

"Did you guys chaka chaka yet?"

"I am doing chaka chaka with your boyfriend right now, please call me back in 4 hours."
by anon April 25, 2004
any take-out joint serving jerk chicken sandwiches next door to an adult bookstore
let's grab a sandwich at that chaka chaka and then go next door and jerk off
by queso fresco December 28, 2010

Messy, dirty disorganized, unkept.
Everton your room is so chaka chaka, clean it up!!
by glo bull September 15, 2006
(v) making a sexy time, sex, shagging
"hey octavio did you make chaka-chaka last night?"
by Salba! July 23, 2009
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