A word used when someone says something so stupid or indescribable, that no response can be made. Also can be used as an alterative for I see, okay or yeh. It could be said to have the same meaning as ‘Skeen’.

Phonetics : Chy-wah
Feyikemi :Guess What
Ire : what Feyikemi, you ssay so many inexpected things, it will be too hard to guess
Feyikemi : that is so true. hhheniwayz, hyi belive i can fly!!!
Ire : ¬_¬ Chaiwa

Feyikemi: what did you do last week Princess
Ire: nuttin really jammed wid ma bible, den went orn a date with JC
Feyikemi: Chaiwa Chaiwa
by Princess & Too expensive September 30, 2009
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