the perfect tool to cut up trees and people.
teh chainsaw is teh awezomeness! *VROOM*
by MikeTazer April 25, 2007
The BEST weapon ever! Itl scare the shit outta ANYONE and it is WAY better than a shitty stiletto or switchblade. Too bad its not that portable...
The best part of Scarface was the scene where they were hacking up that gagged guy with the chainsaw in the washroom!
Gangsta Wigger- Hey Bitch! Gimme yo greens o il cut you up with my 5 inch switchblade!

Me - Oh yeah? (pulls out chainsaw, laughs as the gangsta wigger shits himself, tears the bloody fuck out of him)
by Heeheheh April 11, 2005
Normally a power tool. Recently used as the weapon of choice in a multitude of gore films.
Cody loves Chainsaws because that's what the villian uses to kill his victims.
by Cody Wessel September 11, 2006
A power tool designed to efficiently cut trees by means of a motorized chain with serrated edges, hence the term chainsaw. Chainsaws usually consist of a two-stroke gasoline engine, but with electric power being more commonplace, some chainsaw brands are electric-powered. However, in popular culture, the chainsaw has gained notoriety as a potential weapon or an instrument of torture and/or gruesome murder, most famously in the movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, and Scarface. The chainsaw has also been featured in video games such as Doom 3 and Resident Evil 4, where it has become an icon.
In Resident Evil 4, the player can be gruesomely decapitated by Doctor Salvador or The Bella Sisters, the main chainsaw-wielding enemies of the game.
by JumboJet Captain September 28, 2006
what you use to cut off someones head and other body parts.
Jesse, where's my chainsaw? I need to cut this bitch up and get rid of the evidence.
by wackoo April 14, 2007
A person who frequently behaves and converses in a bizarre and disinhibited manner
'It was all fine. Then Dudley suddenly started chatting shit with this old guy, and then tried to fuck a tree. I swear he's an absolute chainsaw'
by T. Farmer October 26, 2007
Dancing move used mostly while dancing to fast electronic music, where the dancer slightly leans in and pretends he pulls the activating cord of a chainsaw (the dance move obviously refers to old, gas-activated chainsaws). Also known as "The Lawnmower" for obvious reasons. A perfect example can be found here:

watch?v=REKtfD5_ts4 (in youtube)
Dude, check it out! Ollie is doing the Chainsaw! He is so high!
by Crazygoat826 May 21, 2008
Noisy power tool with moving cerrated metal blade designed for ease of chopping down trees and other such tasks. A lot cooler than knives, at any rate, and make great murder weapons.
Somebody beheaded me with a rusty chainsaw
by Vex December 20, 2004

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