Fart. Comes from the fact that the skin of your butt cheeks "chafes" as the gas escapes.
It stinks in here. Who chafed?
by Meat Machine September 02, 2008
Top Definition
A white rash around the genitals caused by rubbing or itching the scrotum or inner thigh. Commonly a result of masterbation. Chafe off-cuts can occur when the chafe is taken from the infected area and smeared somewhere else on the subject.
"Oh shit i am all chafed up"
by off cuts January 08, 2003
the one down side of masturbation
I'm chafin up a storm underneath this blanket
by Ass Ice September 20, 2003
chafe is an irritating and highly restrictive condition that arises due to the friction between one's thighs or scrotum area. The result of these high friction levels can range from being a mild 'chafe' or be more serious which can mean a visit to the hospital if the case worsens. However, there are certain measures that one can take to prevent the onset of chafe in the genital area:
- wear tight boxers to prevent rubbing
- use ointment to treat chafing
- avoid walking extremely long distances, especially in hot weather.
Person 1: 'this trek is really messing with me.....the chafe i got going on down here is herendous!!!!!!'
Person 2: 'wow.....thats not good.....i would get some ointment on that or it could mean the end of your career as a world competitor in the mushroom trekking championships.'
by johnstick1 March 24, 2008
A person or event that figuratively "rubs the wrong way."
"He is such a chafe."
"This math exam is such a chafe."
"Dude, you're chafing so hard right now."
by incognito August 09, 2004

An individual who is very pompous and condescending
"Not every British person is a stuck-up chafe, Sammy"
by TwiceStyle June 26, 2013
An alternate slang word invented by an Usman and a Hussain during the consumption of a WolfBane. The word is now quickly being spread and used by several students studying at London Universities (predominantly City University).
It is an alternate word for safe, best described by Author KitSteel.
variations include chafety, chafety bells, chafety pins.
'Chafe dude, catch you later'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
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