a male suffering from an alpha-male complex with a proclivity towards Fox Racing, Tapout, MMA, Affliction, Jack Daniels followed by a Coors light, Monster Energy Drink, Skin, and tribal tattoos. Chads surround themselves with females named Missy or Amber, and other males named Darrel. Chads can often be found driving lifted trucks, covered in aforesaid stickers and sportin' a soul patch/chin strap. Chads refer to other Chads as "bro," and can often be found reenacting their favorite MMA moves on each other to impress Missy, Amber and Darrel.
by antihero123 March 25, 2011
A type of Caucasian male often with blond or light brown hair they sometimes have a blonde girlfriend characteristics include but not limited to: being a dick/douche; defined musculature; uses the terms bro, babe or dude; owns a surfboard, a shark tooth necklace and a long-board.
Oh check it out it's a Chad
by Hellakman November 07, 2010
Metro, nit-picky, generally thinks they are better than most people, but that's only because most people suck. Most likely a good person, but misunderstood, it's the hipster in them you'll never understand.
Did you see Chad in his black rimmed glasses? He's soo hipster.
by Ranfay April 28, 2011
Certified Dick Slinger aka CDS
Did you see the bulge in that guy's pants?

Yeah, I know he's definitely a Chad!
by Ali in the CIA July 17, 2010
A khaki wearing creature. who colour co-ordinates his thongs, underwear, shirts and ugly ripcurl hats. someone who denies being hairy even though everyone knows he is. he farts a lot often while saying "cop that". he is a really bad dancer but thinks he is brilliant. he is totally a horrible joke teller but can rarely be funny. he is very sexist. a much better leader than will or taryn or any other leader. he has two adorbs children who will remain name less. and is married to a cool ass lady called louise who makes amazing fairy castle cake and lets us dye her husbands hair with temporary hair spray
"phwoar that fart stinks must have been chad"
by SBOSHC'S January 13, 2013
A girl who is a total bitch. People hate her and she has no friends. She plays soccer and is often talked about behind her back.
by Palmer Ridge Locker Talk June 14, 2009
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