Extremely hot and sexy guy. Loves baseball, fishing, hunting. Usually has a younger brother that acts just like him. Funny, lovable. Definitely country but not redneck!!!! And has lots of friends but only one best friend.
Man chad is really good at baseball. Wonder if he likes me??
by Tyler Farr May 30, 2015
Chad is a enormous dickhead and he can't get the baches
I hate him chad
by Quest 678899 May 15, 2015
Girlfriend stealers. Often seen doing sick 1080ºs on a skateboard. Chads WILL steal your girlfriend, no girl can resist the rad power of Chad. Chads absolutly hate watermelons. Watermelons are a known repelant for Chads.
"We've gotta get out of here, there's a Chad!"
"Don't worry, I've got pepper spray."
"That won't work, Chad's +7 Radness repels all things except watermelons."
"Shoot! We're Ricked then!"
by PrettyMuchThat'sHowItIs March 30, 2015
A country where everyone carries a tennis racket and ties a sweater around their shoulders.
I vacationed in Chad last summer, it was about as shitty as you would expect.
by _blondboy_ January 04, 2015
Being basic as shit in a certain environment. Referring to the absolute epitome of being a bitch at a party or drinking event.
Dude you were such a chad last night at wibs when you made us leave early to go to the burrito man.
by bdamship September 29, 2014
someone who is a loving boyfriend and supports you no matter what. and she is loved by a girl named Rio Bello.
I love you Chad! :)
by lolslolshaha October 10, 2011
The opposite of a chode, a penis that is very long and thin.
"Slayter Rose has a Chad!"
by Chief Smokemgreen December 16, 2015
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