A Beached Whale/whalrus whom weighs more than his phone number. other kids typically orbit him. He has a lack of reproductive organs. Chads normally deny being a beached.
by Dr.VonBoogy April 22, 2011
A popular, good-looking boy who is fit and good at sports. Wears the latest boy-fashions (over-the-knee shorts, slightly sagged jeans, etc.) He's generally nice but can be a bit arrogant and ignore unpopular people or get in your face. He's sometimes mistaken to be conceited and think he's all that when he's not, but actually he's not half bad. He can be quiet if he wants to but can also be outgoing around his close buddies. If you know him well he is funny, laughs easily, smart, and annoying. Generally a nice boy.
Popular friend: Hey Chad!
Chad: Hey (friend's name)!
(They high-five)
Nerd: Hey Chad!
Chad:(turns away and pretends not to hear)
by SojournerTruth February 11, 2014
A Word/ Phrase that you use to offend someone without using profanity "Chad" replaces all put-down (Gay, Stupid, Lame, Retarded, etc.)
You can often use "chad" to tell your friend they are acting stupid in a nicer way then straight insulting them.

Someone who is chad is not very cool an acts weird.
Use chad to refer to someone as a lame ass.
It is fun to use the word around people that do not know the meaning. People often get confused.

Chad is very catchy an you can find yourself using it more than most cuss words.
Bob "Hey, dude look at my new kicks i got at walmart"

Jake "Those shoes are chad fool, look at my j's"


John "Haha, look at that guy with purple skinny jeans an a yellow jacket on"

Jeremy " wtf, that fool looks hella chad"
by Jadapatayta April 23, 2013
an eye catcher to many floridian girls. his caramel colored exterior and glowing smile instantly make girls drool. not only is he easy on the eyes, but insanely muscular. Sadly Chad isnt the brightest boy, but his adorable charm makes up for his stupidity!
girl: hey this cute boy snapchatted me
friend: oh he looks like a chad
girl: you're so right!

*boy walks into restaurant*
girl: wow that boy is smooth
*boy walks up to girl*
boy: hi my name is chad
by chad girlfriend March 23, 2013
A Chad is somebody that screams sex on legs. Usually a Chad has perfectly coiffed hair, brown eyes, is tall, dark, and handsome. Generally a classy person, a Chad also has a ghetto side that comes out whenever he is flustered, drunk, or working.
"did you see that guy over there? he's so hot!"
"yeah girl, he's a total Chad!"
by cardinal0122 August 13, 2013
usually a sporty guy who plays football,wears polo shirts with the collar flipped up, and allways has a big dick. can sometimes be a douche but is nice enough if you get to know him. try to meet one and get to know him
who is that guy with the big shlong (penis) oh thats chad, hes really good at football.
by chad_himself! December 01, 2011
Also known as a 69. When you and the opposite sex or same sex do the move 69
"Watsup guys, gues what I did with my girlfriend this weekend...the chad"
"What no ways, u did the chad with ur girlfriend?! That must be your signature move"
by johny11223 November 30, 2011
A Chad is your typical rich Frat Boy. They wear backwards hats with their hair sticking out through the front, they enjoy wearing sunglasses indoors, lifting weights, reminiscing about their old LAX days, sporting plaid shorts and owning every color of polo shirt imaginable. They seem like the biggest douche to the typical guy, but they are Gods when rated by most sorrostitutes.
That guy is such a "chad" how is he getting with that really hot chick.
by Fratemuf2k8 February 20, 2011

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