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A Beached Whale/whalrus whom weighs more than his phone number. other kids typically orbit him. He has a lack of reproductive organs. Chads normally deny being a beached.
by Dr.VonBoogy April 22, 2011
3 12
1) To destroy someone by using a chair defense.

2) To put someone in their place

3) To "rage" on one's "melon" using the highly feared "chair rage".
1) "After I set up the chair defense, we just sat back and watch the other team get cha'd."

2) Jam: Kith sucks! -- Wippuh: OMG Cha'd!

3) "Holy shit! I went into their spawn, and shanked the whole team! I got a screenshot, too! Cha'd!!"
by Jamandy June 11, 2003
18 4
To be phantasmigorically rad. To free-style like a boss. To greet other humans with smiling eyes and delightful enthusiasm. You wish you could put him in your pocket & keep him around forever!
Chad's so rad. He's the fad. So glad, and not mad!
by kari rawry February 09, 2012
20 8
A very loving guy who will always have you're back. Despite the shit he normally gets, he takes it because what doesn't kill him makes him stronger. Possibly nerdy (often ridiculously) but it's lovable. Quite often a big teddy bear. Can be very relaxed, not a lot phases him. A Chad has quite a thirst for life, loves to laugh and sticks with his friends till the end.
That guy over there, Chad, is my best friend and my true Bro.
by For the cool chads April 03, 2012
12 3
Chad, a unique constellation of attributes among men. A unicorn among men and an alacorn amongst unicorns. The most decent man, outside of my father, I have ever met. A man who has been gifted not with both hands but with all the hands an Indian deity would possess. Chad is a funny man with a quippy wit, smart and with the silver papers to prove it, he has a soul melting knee buckling eloquence, is kind and considerate as all get out, and has abs like seen in all those pictures made of Jesus. He is the man who keeps my head up and my heart strong. He saves me from myself, and has got my back when I need help. I have found a piece of myself with him. So I suppose it could be considered a self-service, on his part, how well he takes care of me. He is my safe place. And despite his absurd choices in coolness of water and color of licorice and olives he is the man of my dreams. But even better, he is the man in my life and in my heart.
Don’t be a guy the world is full of guys; be a man, be a Chad, be a unicorn.
by CutieAngelaDoll April 15, 2013
9 1
Usually a confident guy, who is somewhat of an overachiever. They can get cocky sometimes but not to the point that they annoy people. Fun to hang out with but typically stay out of trouble. They drink but not to get drunk, don't smoke, don't fight, and usually drive the speed limit. Tight shirts and spiked hair aren't uncommon. They can get the girls but act much more confidently in front of them than they truly are. Despite popular belief, they are not really much of a bro or a fraternity bitch.
Drunk guy "Hey Chad, take a shot!"
Chad "Nah man, I already had a few...I'm drivin tonight."
by friz20 June 20, 2011
21 14
Amazing looking guy, he has a way with words and can make any girl feel special. He's charming and has a good heart. He has also been blessed in the bedroom and is defined as a 'sex god'. He is also funny and has a certain sparkle in his eyes. A Chad normally comes with an amazing body and tattoos to top it off.
Girl 1: Omg i met a really cool guy the other day
Girl 2: Is he a Chad?


Girl 1:He rocked my world
Girl 2:It was definitely Chad
by Moey123456 January 20, 2011
40 34
Chad is a high class individual who prefers to wear tailor made clothing and expensive shoes.
He is an avid foodie, thoroughly enjoys the finer arts of cuisine. Like a nice amose-Bouche with a smokey groutine.
Chad "I was with this beautiful woman last night and I thought she had class... then I woke up the next day with a hickey on my neck. Now how am I going to explain that at my high powered position job tomorrow? A real woman would have left that hickey on my balls!"
by all clASS April 09, 2013
5 0