A Beached Whale/whalrus whom weighs more than his phone number. other kids typically orbit him. He has a lack of reproductive organs. Chads normally deny being a beached.
by Dr.VonBoogy April 22, 2011
Chad, an a rare species of shemale of which they have no urges for actual people, just computers or xboxes. They sometimes experiment their urges with their electronics in ways indescribable. This species is also known to have sociopath issues. But mostly toward female wimminz. This could be the missing link that evolutionists have been looking for.
You: Chad, how much do you like Minecraft?
Chad: *jizzes*
You: Woah Chad... Umm bye.
by Bradllez April 14, 2011
Chad's go best with Alicia's :)
That girl looks like an Alicia, I bet she'd go good with a Chad.
by *CGaged February 08, 2010
An intoxicated guy from Canada who unconsciously wanders into others people's rooms, pisses all over their belongings, and feels he is too cool to clean it up.
Why are my shoes and chair wet? Was there a fucking Chad in here?
by THE FUCK'N RA February 07, 2010
A gay litte man with an unusually small penis , usually loves givin up the bum to men of a very mature age , note that all chads have very tiny penis
Man that chad tried bumming me in that pub
by davito23 August 24, 2011
To chad: to raid or steal someone's food.
Guy 1: That guy took all the food in my fridge!
Guy 2: Yeah, you just got chadded.
by Dr_Funk November 09, 2010
When a man films himself masturbating and proceeds to tell his friends about it
Man 1: What do you do on the weekend?
Man 2: I did a Chad
by man_goo July 18, 2010
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